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Syd Vicious




Witty, Playful and HOT,
 Syd Vicious will make you beg for more.

Items currently available for Syd:

(More to come soon!)


*FREE* VSP-Poker Ultra Demo Featuring Syd *FREE*

How 'bout a game of strip poker?  Download this FREE VSP-Poker Ultra Demo Featuring Syd Vicious for Windows PCs. To download the game, click on the picture above or DOWNLOAD Button.  The file is fairly large and will take a few minutes to download to the Windows Downloads Folder.  After it has finished downloading, click the file "syd-demo.exe" to install the game. If a "Windows protected your PC" message pops up, click the "More info" at the bottom of the message and then the "Run anyway" Button to install the game. Full Instructions on how to install the game may be found HERE. If you like what you see and want to see more, check out the full game below!


Use this KEY to register the DEMO Game Engine:  KRG-XU4H-TW2B-P34R


*Note: The VSP-Poker-Ultra Game Engine is required to play the various opponent modules.

Game Engine

*Includes Opponent

*Included FREE With
Syd's VSP-Ultra Game Engine
 $39.95  $24.95  $24.95


See more of Syd here:


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